Owning a Business in Costa Rica

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Looking to Open Your Own Business in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a haven for many people looking to own a sports betting operation.  The country has a great infrastructure which allows for high speed internet as well as a large population of educated locals who speak fluent english.

In terms of opening a legitmate company in Costa Rica, it is fairly easy as you just need a good lawyer that can get you a registered company as soon as 30 days.

Purchasing or Renting an Office in Costa Rica

The first step once you have acquired all of the necessary licenses for your business is to have a physical office.  Whether you decide to buy or rent one is up to you but an ofice is a must; even if your company is an internet one.

They are several popular areas of San Jose for buying real estate such as La Sabana in the famous Oficeentro while others look for Escazu Costa Rica real estate because it is in a modern part of Country.


Banking in Costa Rica

In order to open a company in Costa Rica, you must have a bank account with at least $1,000 before you can even file your paperwork with the government.

The best place to open a business bank account is Banco Nacional as it is the official bank of Costa Rica.

Banco de Costa Rica is also a good second choice just keep in mind that it is a private bank.

Using Paypal in Costa Rica is fairly easy and an economic solution giving you the ability to handle credit card payments for your business.