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Best Sports Betting Softwares

Anyone who has ever been serious about sports betting has considered opening their own betting shops or thought about a way to beat the bookie.

I know that at one time, I was looking into arbitrage systems so that I could see if there is really a way to automated playing both sides of a line with two different sportsbooks.

Heck even at one time in my life I got with a few buddies of mine to see about starting our own sports wagering operation and started looking into sports betting platforms an softwares.

Well, this is all in the past but for those interested in pursuing those dreams here is some information about the research I have done on these matters.

Best Sports Betting Softwares

Here are the best sports betting software that I have found based on what they do.  Each software was thoroughly tested by my buddies and I so we hope it comes in handy to others.

Sports Betting Platforms

DGS - DGS is a great software that is easy to use from a lines manager point of view.  From the customer service side, it could use some work but it is the preferred sports betting platform of choice for many sportsbook around the world.

Bwager - Bwager is considered a new comer to the sports betting platform industry but it came with a bang as it really uses the latest technology in the industry as well as offers a wide array of automated applications and add-ons.

ASI - Back in the 1990s, ASI was king of sports betting platforms because it was one of the first sportsbook solutions available to the public.  Today, ASI is still a contender for the top spot but they have had a heck of a time keeping up with the competition.

Pay Per Head Service - Looking for an affordable pay per head service that gives you the best odds, complete control over your website and more?  Look no further than

Sports Arbitrage Sotware

Rebel Betting - Turns gambling into investing, with no luck involved, increasing your investment by 10-20% every month.

Sports Arbitrage World -  We'll help you to get started as a profitable sports arbitrage trader quickly and easily

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